Power Inverters

MLT Inverters are designed to be robust and tough both mechanically and electrically. The inverters have a 150% overload capacity and wide operating temperature range designed for many harsh environments. These inverters are the perfect fit for low maintenance, off-grid and remote installations.

MLT Drives pioneered the design and development of solar inverters to power remote communities and remote installations. Our products have been in use reliably for over 25 years already. The system architecture guarantees optimal efficiency, maximizes system reliability and results in extended equipment life.


* Full automatic operation with no break to the supply during transitions from inverter to grid or generator parallel operation.
* The backup generator ( if installed ) can automatically be started when the grid fails.
* Renewable energy is fed directly to the load to overcome inefficiencies from the batteries.
* Capable of being integrated with renewable/distributed generation sources on both the AC and DC bus.
* Local LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display ) and keypad can be used to change setting, monitorall supplies ( Voltage, Current, Watts etc ) and view event/fault logs ( time      and date stamped ).
* Load sensing capability. System goes to low power standby when no load is connected.
* Smart load control. Certain non-essential loads can be turned off automatically when not enough energy is available.
* Optional built in MPPT regulator for maximizing PV power.