Actel Technologies Limited stocks and supplies electric fencing products and accessories in Nigeria. One major product under our stock is the electric fencing warning devices. A warning device is used to scare away an itruder or to alert a stranger of the risk of electric shock. There are different devices used for this purpose and Actel stocks and supply warning devices of different types including

Warning Signswarning signs

warning devices are ideal to warn people of the existence of electrified fencing. It is usually placed along the fence line with signs that depict the risk involved in touching the wire it is signalling. Ideally, the warming should be placed 10m intervals along the fence and on the gate. This is necessary for long fences like those that exists in estate, airports etc.


Like the name goes, these device warns you when fence is tampered with. This action both alerts the owner of the structure or their security agents and at the same time scares the intruder away.

Strobe Light

strobesThis is a visual indicator of an alarm. It is often used to show the status of a fence after an alarm

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